If you are sure that your house has been invaded by termites then you need to make a call and ask for expert help instantly. Most of the termite control Sydney has offers specific treatments that vary according to needs. No matter where you are in the country, all quality pest control services certified by the pest control department offer equally well treatments.

At first it may not seem much that a colony of termites consumes about 5g of wood material each and every day but along with time this gets ugly.

Here are some of the services generally offered by termite control agencies:

  • In-ground monitoring and baiting: several bait stations are placed in and around your house in accessible areas to test the presence of termites and estimating they type of treatment necessary for your house. The toxic baits attract the termites which are then spread among the colony. Eventually the entire colony turns out to be dead. These services generally come with one year of protection free of cost plus additional consultation for other pest infestation where consultation fees are not required.
  • Baiting above ground: in here no holes need to be dug in the pavements or concrete like the in ground baiting. The toxic bates are placed near or very close to the termite infested area and baits non-toxic to pets are used. The termite workers carry the toxic bates to their colony the same way in case of in-ground baiting.

Before implementation of any treatment talk it out with the termite control Sydney agency or any other you choose from about the effectiveness of their service and treatments. This will help you choose a service that will serve your purpose better, as all homes are not equally infested and the treatments necessary may vary accordingly.