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Control Pest Sydney lead the way in Pest Control and Pest Inspection Sydney and have inspected and eradicated termites from thousands of local homes. Our goal is to ensure that your home is free from pests. For good!

We take pride in educating clients and fellow home owners alike about methods of protecting their homes against termite infestations.  This involves being able to precisely locate the areas that present a higher risk and ensuring that these areas are protected using the most effective methods for your environment.

We specialise in termite management and Organic Pest Control Sydney metropolitan areas and are expert at installing preventative barrier systems, such as subfloor and perimeter that meet and exceed the standards of Australia and the specifications of the local councils. We also offer inspection services to homes for sale, to make sure that it is free of any termite infestation.

Best Pest control Sydney

If you have discovered termites at your home DO NOT DISTURB THEM. Make sure you call us straight away  so that we can create a customised plan of attack to suit your home, environment and budget.

Remember that there are over 350 species of termite in Australia and this factor, as well as your home conditions and environment will enable us to select the most effective eradication technique to use as well as determine which method is best to protect your home in the future. As well as chemical methods, we also offer various organic termite control methods that are effective while also being environmentally responsible.

I am passionate about educating people about pests control Sydney area basically, helping them to distinguish between termites and other species of insects, so that they can accurately identify termites and take action quickly so as to minimise potential damage to their property.

Through my expertise I have saved thousands of homes. If you would like to have a preventative home inspection done or if you face a termite infestation, give us a call and we will take care of everything.

Termite Prevention Sydney

Many homeowners are still nonchalant and easily dismiss the need for termite prevention. They stay unconcerned thinking that they can always get a treatment done when an infestation surfaces.

Indeed, sprays and baits are available in the market and our pest control service in Sydney is always ready to help you deal with a termite problem. However, this is one case where early prevention is always better than cure later on! Termites are ‘silent invaders’; they dwell in the soil or inside the wood and work quietly without making themselves known. The droppings, holes or mud tunnels surface a lot later after the pests have settled in and inflicted extensive damage. Our sharpest eyes and professional inspection of pest control can spot the signs of an infestation. At times, termites pester for years before they are detected!

Keeping your home and surroundings clean and tidied can assist the entire termite treatment process.

Our genuine termite treatment inspection in Sydney will keep your lawn and garden clean and well maintained. Do not allow dried and dead leaves or twigs to build up in your garden or backyard. There is a greater possibility of termite infestation in such places. Besides termites, other pests and microorganisms like moulds and fungus also grow around moist and unhygienic surroundings.

The stakes are high as a home is by far the biggest investment we may ever make. A step towards termite pre-treatment can come back to haunt you very soon. It is always better to cover your back by defending your home against termite attacks. We pride to provide the best Termite prevention  Sydney that is implemented in the construction phase itself. The soil, foundation, slabs and other woodwork are treated for termites and form an effective barrier against the pests.