For the last decade we have helped thousands of homeowners eradicate and protect against termite infestations. Here are four of our favourite testimonials from our many happy and termite-free customers:

“I availed the services provided by the Brad’s Pest Control, they came and inspected the property that I own in Turramurra; to eradicate Termite infestation. They did their work thoroughly and systematically and then presented the result to me in a manner that I understood easily. The process of treatment carried out was very efficient and cost effective. I will not think twice to recommend them to anybody who is looking to make their home free of Termites.”

– Rose Turramurra

“I engaged Brad the termite specialist after I discovered what I believed to be a termite nest underneath my house. Unfortunately I was correct! Brad was very helpful at such a stressful time. His work was effective and he explained what my opptions were . I recommend him to anyone.”

-Max Newport

“My property was visited by Brad to look into ongoing termite infestation. He was really fast in pin-pointing the issue and provided remedies that were relevant and not too costly. He was very professional we were totally satisfied with the services that he provided. He was very knowledgeable and gave us useful tips about how to prevent future issues.”

Julian, Elanora Heights

“My new home insurer recommended that I get an annual termite inspection after they informed me that termite damage was not covered by homeowners policies. I immediately rang around a few companies. Brad was very friendly on the phone and made me feel quite at ease. Fortunately we did not have termites, we get him back every year to ensure peace of mind. I highly recommend his services”

-Jessica, Mona Vale