Best Termite Inspection,Termite Control and Treatment Services

Regular annual termite inspections in Sydney are a necessity as the climate here provides a perfect atmosphere for Termites to thrive. Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to termites and the structural integrity of your home. Remember that termite damage is NOT covered by homeowners insurance policies so the longer you wait the more expensive it could become. Hence the need for Termite Control Sydney crops up.

During a routine Termite Inspection , we would firstly identify areas of risk. We would then look to identify if a termite nest is visible. Termite nests have a muddy look and can vary in size from the size of a clenched fist up to the size of a tall man! The structure is quite solid and may seem like a sculpture from the outside.

Eradication of termites involves elimination of the colony by using products specially designed to be eaten and spread by the termites themselves throughout the colony from the workers right through to the queen.

After this process has been completed we strongly recommend the installation of a termite barrier to protect your home against future termite invasions. There are various types of termite barriers and the type of barrier used will depend on factors such as the size, age or design of your home, and, of course, budget.

Our termite management services start from as little as $249. We use our professional expertise and years of experience to ensure our recommendations are not only as cost effective as possible but also ensure unbeatable results. Call us today for Termite Treatment in Sydney region.