I started my business about 10 years back in Sydney, Australia after I had purchased a beautiful new home overlooking the Ku-ring-gai National Park. Upon meeting my neighbours I began to hear a lot about the high cost of Termite Control in our area and this worried me. How was I going to be able to afford to protect my home from Termites?

I am from an engineering background, I have an Honors Degree in Total Quality Management, I don’t know anything about Termites! I loved my home and my neighbourhood but I was starting to regret the decision to buy in this beautiful area.

So I decided to do a course in Pest Control. I enjoyed it so much I went on to work as an apprentice before eventually becoming a qualified Pest Controller. I participated in seminars organized by big companies like Bayer and DuPont about different Pest Control products and techniques for eradication of Pests.

Eventually after becoming a fully-fledged Pest Controller, I started my business and went on to specialise in Termite Eradication and Control as this was the subject that interested me the most. Over the past decade, I have effectively inspected, eradicated and controlled Termite Infestation in countless homes.

Four years ago I was approached to teach homeowners about home termite control at the Macquarie Community College and have empowered numerous local people in a similar position to myself with knowledge about what they can do to protect their homes against termites.

In order to offer assistance to all homeowners, not just locals, I launched a website named Termite Tutorials where I shared my expertise by the way of video tutorials with the help of my friend from the film industry. These tutorial comprise segmented footage over 4 hours long with the first part “Termite Identification” available on YouTube. These tutorials cover information similar to what I teach at the college around termite inspection, treatment, barrier and also prevention and are very popular.

It is my passion to help each and every one of you to live in an environment that is free from termites by sharing my knowledge around the most effective and environment friendly techniques for eradication and prevention of termites in your home.