Termites are basically arthropods, scientific name of termites is isoptera. These insects majorly constitute the detrivorous food chain in tropical and subtropical regions. Being detrivorestheri food comes from dead plants in the form of wood, leaf litter, animal dung and other decaying matter. These insects are eusocial and lives in colonies, labor division among castes is just like ants, bee and wasps.

Known as white ants in Australia these insects can inflict severe structural damage to buildings, furniture and ruin crops as well. They are globally recognized as economically significant pests and are quite infamous.

For termite control Sydney has a number of agencies which are highly equipped with the latest technologies to exterminate not only termites but a wide range of pests. They use species specific methods for cleansing the termite colonies causing nuisance.

  • Subterranean termites– These are ground termites and need to stay in contact with soil in order to survive, They die when exposed to air for a long time.
  • Drywood termites– Thesetypes of termites don’t need to live near the ground. Their colonies, mainly exist in wood, therefore they attack furniture and can be transferred from furniture to furniture. Not only furniture, they also decay wooden floors and walls, gradually they come off. Sulfuryl chloride is an effective way to treat them. Also fumigation process may be used for elimination of non visible colonies. Heat applying methods are also used (microwave treatment).
  • Dampwood termites– These termites resides in decaying damp woods. They are the largest species of termites may be swarmed (winged) or non winged. Poisoned bait can be used to get rid of these bugs, prevention of breeding grounds such as damp wood can also control of Dampwood termites.

Different species of termites requires different methods of elimination. Termite control Sydney does have all the systematic and efficient techniques to deal with the pests. Control methods of the pest control teams being very swift and tactful does not cause any collateral damage.