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December 15, 2016
Affordable Termite Pest Control Sydney
March 7, 2017

Best Pest Control Sydney

Controlling pests in your business area is as important as controlling pests in your residence. Protecting your family and your employees/customers both are equally important. Whether for your near and dear ones or in the private or public sector of the business world, you need a reliable and proven pest management service, which will provide you the best pest control services and you will become proud parents in the eyes of your children and the best employer in your working area. Prevention is better than cure. The best pest control Sydney services would provide you some of the following services:

  • Electronic Pest control:


  • Electromagnetic pest repelling devices are used to affect the nervous system of ants, rodents and spiders. These have similar effects to the pests as the cell phone’s electromagnetic radiations on human beings.


  • Ultrasonic devices work by emitting high frequency, high pitched, short wavelength rays greater than 20,000 Hz which are audible to the insects and pests. Now a days some agencies are making attempt to make use of devices to produce high frequency waves to repel insects and mosquitoes.


  • Radio wave or Radio Frequency (RF) treatments control pests and insects without any negative affect on food stuffs and storages. It serves as a non-chemical alternative to chemical fumigants. Thus it does not cause any long term impact on environment and human health and is an eco-friendly technology.


  • Thermal Imaging: In pest control the keyword is the detection of pest and many thermographers use this technology to detect the heating and cooling signs in the area where they are suspecting pest infestations.


  • Moisture Meters: Pest and wood destroying termites need high moisture retaining and humid areas to survive. The detection of areas which retain excessive moisture is a vital element in best pest control Sydney. Moisture meters help to locate, control and eliminate the pests.

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